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The texts of the materials are in the form, submitted by the authors and do not reflect any changes or cuts, statements made during the conference, discussions or kargli tables or upon publication in the media.

Yearly Archives: 2005

Abkhazia, Аджария, Yuzhna Ossetia, Pankiskoto gorge ... These are the areas of violent conflict only within 70 hilyadi square kilometers, ie. on teritoriyata to Georgia. If the slide continue Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan and neighboring add a suppurating wound Chechnya – and all this in the presence of the above 50 nationalities, speaking 40 language, it becomes clear, Caucasus that can hardly be defined as a source of peace in southeastern Europe.

Независимо от това самоRead more

NMSS e blgarskiya his unique phenomenon in the political stomach. Because it lay at the base of his party genesis power. Otherwise shown, NMS build as a party and not before capturing power in the country, а след и чрез нея. От тази гледна точка

предстоящите избори са екзистенциални за НДСВ,

те до голяма степен ще определят ще го има ли като относително по-дългосрочен фактор в българския политически живот или то “ще танцува два парламента”, оставайки полезен и необходим елемент за финализиране на българския преход, но и изчерпвайки своя “raison d’etre” с приключването на този период.

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Recently, President Bush said, that the United States does not intend to take military action against Iran. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice added, they are willing to wait for the results of the negotiations of the representatives of the EU with Iran until summer.

At first glance, a complete repetition of the U.S. approach to Iraq three years ago and Iran today. In both cases, the parties are part of etc.. "Axis of Evil", where in the absence of democratic mechanisms govern anti-American regimes, нефтът също е налице катоRead more

Most banal thing, that can be said about international relations after the Cold War, that the world is no longer the same. Strange as it may seem, however,, this truth slowly reaching major international institutions. And promenya takiva organization in cathode UN, European Union and NATO are well below the dynamics of globalization processes. Szdavayki conditions for conflict and Trusovo / however, perhaps inevitable, in the case of cardinal changes / postradavsha of which can be and Bulgaria.

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The emergence of media card to any half-forgotten country / in this case - Kyrgyzstan / rarely is caused by events, bearing positive emotions of its citizens. World public opinion usually pay attention to such "boring" countries only when they are hit by a natural disaster, or their name is associated with a domestic or international conflict.

Analogies, leading to the conclusion, that events in Kyrgyzstan have another "color" revolution in the post-Soviet space, too inertia and maximum half true. Техният генезис е по-различенRead more

Nastoyaschata development "Blgariya Obedin in Europe: Management Program 2005-2009. "Is performed on behalf of the Political Union" New Left "and the support of" Open Society Institute ". It contains the basic vision of the management approaches of the Left during the accession of Bulgaria to the EU. In the context of the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Lisbon Agenda, the EU proposes a new social-liberal model of development of the Bulgarian economy, charge more adequate to solve the problems, facing Bulgarian society.

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