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The texts of the materials are in the form, submitted by the authors and do not reflect any changes or cuts, statements made during the conference, discussions or kargli tables or upon publication in the media.

Yearly Archives: 2016

Instability and populism. This is the frame, which fits the political developments in the Euro-Atlantic space in 2016 g. And most likely track, It will move the international dynamics next year.

From "clean" populism to ideological radicalism.

After the march through 2016 g. "clean" populism voting for Brekzit UK, selection of Donald Trump for president in the US and the results of the referendum on constitutional reform in Italy, as the main intrigue for next year seems to be the issue will… Read more

The intrigue around withdraws candidacy of Bulgaria for a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council in 2018 g. once again face a situation in Bulgarian society, It needs to define its position on the basis of half full information and deliberate interpretation of the facts.

In the UN system non-permanent members of the Security Council rotated regional significance. Bulgaria rears its application in 2003 g. the place of the Eastern Regional Group (IERG), occupied now and the end of 2017 g. Ukraine.… Read more

The victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential election was a surprise, which not only eclipsed all other events and processes in the past month, but according to the majority of politicians and analysts marked a historic turning point in American and world politics. Why it came to this earthquake, and what comes next? And above all - what is the nature of the change?

  • external dimension Trump victory over Hillary Clinton's turn of liberal interventionism to conservative values ​​of "America ago… Read more

Four important election in the coming months, preceded by already conducted two landmark votes – referendum on leaving the EU in the UK and the selection of Donald Trump in the US. So it seems the political calendar, which will show where Europe is headed.

The eventual vote in favor of Norbert Hofer of the Freedom Party of Austria's presidential election at the end of this week, fulfillment of forecasts for the leading position of the Freedom Party of Geert Wilders parliamentary elections in March next year in… Read more

fears, but not hatred. It showed sociological study of the attitudes of Bulgarians towards migrants, conducted eight months ago by the Institute for Economics and International Relations and "Friedrich Ebert". The question now is how big move from fear to hatred and made Is it already.

In the camp in Harmanli no danger of infection, doctors said. Rumors claimed the opposite. A political formations and speculation in the public domain readily warmed up fears. The major absentee in information and debate (particularly in the… Read more

How the US will go all the way from the idea of ​​undisputed center in terms of unipolarity after the Cold War to an awareness of the realities of a polycentric, global, complex and very troubled world today? That was the big question of the elections for US president, and both contenders gave virtually the same answer: "As we restore the greatness of America". Clinton saw progress towards this goal more international expansion and strengthening the dominant position of the US internationally, Trump - in consolidation… Read more

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