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The texts of the materials are in the form, submitted by the authors and do not reflect any changes or cuts, statements made during the conference, discussions or kargli tables or upon publication in the media.

Yearly Archives: 2017

The call for more integration and more national state in the Union yet

In geopolitical terms in 2017-a year the world changed in no small degree. On first place, run very fast process of international self-isolation of the United States. This happens in many lines - and leaving the climate agreement, and position the Agreement on Iran, and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and with the release of Transtihookeanskoto trade agreement, and problems with Europe. secondly… Read more

Trump, Putin and Xi Jinping are three leaders, who imposed the biggest imprint on world affairs through the final two months of the current year. The difference between them, however, is huge - as Trump was forced to hold its course in a bitter fight with Washington isteblishmant and international media, Putin gets increasingly stronger support at home, to impose on the international stage as a leader of a great power, while Xi Jinping won a place straight to Mao Zedong as the chief "helmsman" of his country,… Read more

It can hardly be argued, that during the past year the world has become more secure and comfortable place to live. Rather the opposite – continued development of processes, leading to further shocks and collisions.

underway, in this increasingly visible, political reconfiguration and change in the balance of forces internationally. After the collapse of the bipolar world a quarter century ago and after short-term illusion of unipolarity, lasted less than two decades, in recent years it has become increasingly evident the trend towards structuring a multipolar… Read more

Digital book of Vladimir Mitev

Kaliakra fortress, Southern Dobrudzha (picture: IvanGeoPetrov, CC-BY-SA-2.5)
Many thanks to Ronald Young, Aurelian Dzhugal, Emanuel son of a bitch,
the Institute of Economics and International Relations and all the other people,
who shared their views and supported the preparation and issuance of this digital book
© Barricade, A-SPECT, thought, PS News, Ionita's, Bulletin (for their respective texts)

Everything, not listed as an object copyrighted, belongs blog "bridge of friendship" and Vladimir… Read more

A digital input Vladimir Mitev

Kaliakra Fortress, South Dobrogea (photo: IvanGeoPetrov)
Thanks from the heart Aurelian Giugea, Emanuel Baby, Ronald Young
and the Institute for Economics and International Relations and all those
who have shared with me their views and supported in various ways preparation of the digital books
© Barricade, A-watching, thought, PS News, Ionita's, Bulletin (for their texts)
Which is not specified as belonging Copyrighted Blog "Friendship Bridge" and Vladimir Mitev.… Read more

Europe fears the Western Balkans. And fears for the Western Balkans. Which opens a serious chance for Bulgaria. For an active policy.

Instability in the region, the presence of multiple legacy and new conflicts and tensions between countries, difficulties in fighting organized crime and corruption (as a result of wars and south-embargo), and fears of export of instability from the Balkans to Europe makes a number of EU countries to apply very skeptical of the idea of ​​the recent enlargement of the Union… Read more

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