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The texts of the materials are in the form, submitted by the authors and do not reflect any changes or cuts, statements made during the conference, discussions or kargli tables or upon publication in the media.

Valentin Radomirski

Shortening outrageous embassies and missions, now actively find them again

Intrevyu Tanya Dzhoeva Valentine Radomirski

– Ambassador of Radomirski, Bulgaria hosting the Seventh Meeting of the "16 plus 1" has aroused high expectations for wave of Chinese investment in Bulgaria. A credit line of 1,5 milliard euros, there will be a Global Center for Partnership with China. Are we justified our greatest hopes or comes time for sober judgment? Where are directed interests of the new global power?

– so far been… Read more

After the election of the new US president expertise of mezhdunarodnitsite split into two opposing parts. One enjoyed the victory Trump and considered him almost "their" man in the White House. Now their joy was replaced by irony. Others include those, who warned, the new leader in Washington will be a huge problem for the global order, and this problem will soon manifest. However, currently it is this part assesses Trump as an effective president.

Over time and with… Read more

Tamil language Kathu - "tie" Mara - "tree" is the term instituted double-hull vessel, to help the ancient Tamil conquered vast areas in Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia.

At the meeting a week ago in one of the most exotic cities in the region - Singapore – Leaders of the United States and North Korea signed a bilateral declaration and "tied" relationship, that look like attractive, but dangerous catamaran. The meeting had already written thousands of pages of analyzes and interpretations. For me it is… Read more

Next week will be held the first post-war official meeting of leaders of the US and DPRK. Will meet face to face two pole national ideologies - the US "exceptionalism" and the Korean "Juche". Let's imagine, the meeting will be successful. The question of what is considered success will not discuss – probably the first negotiations will not do anything more important than a declaration of intent, but current conditions and it is very. Suppose, the main… Read more

US-Korean dilemmas two weeks before a possible meeting in Singapore

Hollywood screenwriters probably already preparing to write script, based on US-Korean relations last year. There are all the elements of suspense - uncertainty and excitement, anxiety, anxiety, tension, anticipation of dangerous or unexpected events. In suspense thrillers after, which as a creative concept was introduced by Hitchcock, Horror comes, whose expectation or manifestation pumped suspense. Unfortunately, so sometimes in politics.

Through 2017 g. the world wondered what… Read more

Една сватба, 60 погребения и трескав международен безпорядък

Цяла седмица ни настройваха за голямото събитиекралската сватба на Хари и Мегън Маркъл. В събота кампанията достигна своето кресчендовсички национални телевизии отразяваха и пищно коментираха и най-малките детайли от церемонията в Уиндзор. Това събитие сполучливо отклони общественото внимание от трагедията на 14 май в Газа, където загинаха над 60 палестинци и над 1700 бяха ранени.

Причината за организираните отХамаспротести бе, че в същия този понеделник тържественоRead more

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