Conference "Geopolitics of the Balkans: Front-zone area or buffer - is that the choice?“

24 June 2019 Mr., Monday, from 10:00 to 12:30 h.
"Sofia Hotel Balkan"
"Serdika" hall

09:30 Registration and coffee
10:00 detection
           Helene KORTLENDER, Director for Bulgaria, "Friedrich Ebert"
           Lyubomir Kyuchukov, Director IIMO
10:15 introductory statement
           Ivaylo Kalfin, Minister of Foreign Affairs (2005-2009)
10:35 Global players and regional interests - where is the intersection?
           Lyubomir Kyuchukov, Director IIMO
10:50 EU Balkans - strategy or momentum?
           Prof.. Zdravko Popov, President of the Institute for Public Policy
11:05 Regional security geopolitical background
       Simeon Nikolov, director, Center for Strategic Studies in Security and International
11:20 Discussion
           Moderator: Valentin Radomirski, CEO IIMO
12:20 generalization
12:30 End of discussion

International political dynamics once again brought to the fore the Balkans. This was due to: serious disinterested EU region; escalation of the confrontation between the EU, US and NATO with Russia, led to the transfer of the opposition in many parts of the world, including in Southeast Europe; economic and political expansion of China to Europe, examining the Balkans as an important direction; increased ambitions of Turkey's regional leadership; the attempts of radical Islam to design its ideological influence to Europe, using local Islamic communities.
The processes in the region also highlighted important trends: growth of nationalist sentiment; strengthening of confrontation and conflict potential, especially in Western Balkan (between Serbia and Kosovo, but also more broadly); internal instability and difficulties with recognition of statehood countries, received its first independence.
• Can we expect a long-term strategic EU approach to the region amid internal problems within the EU?
• Security and Russian deter you are the only US interest in the Balkans?
• How policy lies behind China's economic interests and activity in the region?
• Is Russia the potential to regain its influence in the Balkans?
• Regional cooperation - how real can be his role to neutralize imported from outside regional divisions?
The purpose of the debate in this thematic framework to analyze the interests of the major geopolitical players in the region, EU role, regional processes and the impact of geopolitical developments on the security of the Balkans - with regard to the Bulgarian positions and policy.

Program - Geopolitics & Balkans - 240619


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