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The revolt of the rich

Kakvo e obschoto between failure at pregovorite for the European budget to 2020 g. and Izbor in Catalunya? The answer turns out to be quite simple - do not want the rich to pay more. Eliminating national barriers, giving up the number of elements of its national sovereignty and building a supranational bodies, Member States of the EU have created a single economic, socially, политическо и на

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Macedonian gambit

Next dvadeset Godin Nai after Sofia and Skopje zarabotiha in edna posoka. Tazi on makedonizma. If the main goal is separation Macedonism population of Vardar Macedonia from Bulgarian roots, story, samosazvnanie language and the construction of a distinct national identity, It recently Bulgaria joined enthusiastically in the mission of raising new dividing…

Brussels puts protecting money for science and innovation

The European Commission will insist that structural funds should not be spent only for infrastructure, but also for science and innovation. Yes, e goods are difficult to, than to highways, но е важно за България да инвестира в растежа и създаването на работни места.Това заяви Волфганг Бурчер, зам.-директор „Изследвания и иновации“ в Европейската комисия