presidential elections 2016: Challenges left

Theme of disksusiyata: Presidential elections and referendums. The stakes of the elections - a formality or political watershed? Geopolitical dilemma - reality or storyline for internal use? Presidential elections and ideology -

Challenges to Bulgaria – answers to the Left

Theme of disksusiyata: Europe and the world - risks and dangers facing the country. Where does Bulgaria? The agenda of the Left and the power -Is there room for a left alternative in Bulgaria

Left beyond the label – Conference

Does globalization "sunset" of the nation and collapse of ideologies? Do globalize and social problems and are there national responses to poverty, unemployment, pandemic on the world? Is it possible

social inequality – policy to counter

Theme of disksusiyata: The left alternative - where after 25 years of transition and dominance of the neoliberal model? The problem of "social base" - whose interests defends the Left? Limits and Challenges

(Fast)Social Democratic response to neoliberalism?

Theme of disksusiyata: New political processes and trends in Europe: radical Left (SYRIZA, Podemos and others.), new social movements against xenophobia and right-wing populists radical left - extreme reaction

Where does the Left in Bulgaria

Theme of disksusiyata: Winners and losers - lessons from the elections. (alternative readings of the election result.) paradoxes left: Why left Bulgaria did not vote left? Left Is left in Bulgaria

The Left and the challenges of a new Europe

The Left and the challenges of a new Europe July 11 2014 on Theme of disksusiyata: Departs Europe out of crisis - financial, economic, social, political, crisis of the "Western" model of capitalism?