Sotsialno-ikonomichesko development on Blgariya prez 2003 g.

GONE AND METHODOLOGY (D. Ganchev) This paper is the first, podgotvena from the Institute for ikonomika and international relations. The intentions of the group were similar analysis can be traditional and cover a wide range of problems of socio-economic development of Bulgaria. Osnovnoto impression, leaving socio-economic development of Bulgaria in 2003 Mr., e dezintegratsiyata - развитието на

Присъединяването към ЕС – задача на вътрешната политика

Amplitudata fluctuations in àêè evronastroeniya prez last days e izklyuchitelno Golyama. First came the warning by Foreign Minister, some people do not want to Bulgaria's EU. It was caused by an Passy talks with senior representatives of the Member States, така и от информациите за искането за временно прекратяване на преговорите с Румъния от