IIMO participate in regional forum in Athens

From 30 May to 1 June Athens hosted the Second Session Forum for cooperation in the Balkans and the Black Sea. Participation in the session took commissioners, ministers, ambassadors, business leaders, representatives of international organizations and NGOs. Over 70s rapporteur discussed the problems of the region, opportunities to improve connectivity and infrastructure, sustainable development, digital economy, energy security, women's participation in political life and in business. The forum adopted a declaration fonari, which addresses the above 30 международни организации с покана за съвместна работа по изготвяне на Пътна карта за развитие на инфраструктурата в региона на Балканите и Черно море. Текстът на декларацията можете да видите here.

The work session 6, on 1 June, IIMO representative Ivaylo Kalfin was moderator of one of the panels, caused the greatest interest - connectivity with Europe on waterways, rail and road network. Speakers on the panel were the Deputy Minister of Economy of Greece, US Ambassador to Athens, генералният секретар на ЧИС, Vice President of the Danube Commission, Heads of the ports of Piraeus and Thessaloniki, companies, operating rail, expert from the Dutch Clingendael Institute. The session discussed the possibilities and specific projects for development of the Mediterranean and Black Sea ports, the relationship with p. Danube, to ease the border crossing of goods, за развитието на регионалната железопътна мрежа и строителството на мултимодални терминали.

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