Information Note: Cooperation Projects in the Black Sea Region

18449554_814764028697827_7264544423230261942_oInformation Note: Cooperation Projects in the Black Sea Region

(Supplement to the Discussion Facilitation Paper)

Eu. Completed Projects

A. Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC): „Black Sea Basin 2007 -2013“ Programme”

Priority 1: Encouraging economic and social development based on combined resources

  1. Black Sea Tradenet (BST) - período 2011 -2012

Period: 2011 - 2012

Participats: Romênia, Bulgária, Grécia, Armenia, Peru

Objective: To contribute to increasing the visibility of Black Sea Basin (BSB) and the venture investments by bringing together investors willing to start up new intra-regional business cooperation, and building the institutional capacity of business support organizations

2. Industrial Symbiosis Network for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development in Black Sea Basin (SymNet)

Period: julho 2011 - julho 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Moldova, Romênia, Peru

Objective: To contribute to reducing the negative impact of production, trading and consumption on natural resources threatened by traditional ways of development approaches, and to optimize the economic development and environmental protection

3. Black Sea Network of Regional Development (BlasNET)

Period: setembro 2011 - September2013

Participants: Bulgária, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia, Ukraine

Objective: To achieve sustainable economic growth of the regions-partners under the project, to improve the competitiveness of their SMEs and their performance on the international markets, through increasing the potential and international relations of the regional stakeholders, by establishing a network among them.

4. Tradition, Originality, Uniqueness and Richness for an Innovative Strategy for Tourism development in Black Sea Region (TOURIST)

Period: novembro 2011 - julho 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Romênia

Objective: To initiate strategic partnership for supporting sustainable economic development in Black Sea Basin, through valorizing, in an integrated manner, tourism potential of the region

5. Black Sea – Solidarity and Economic Activity – BS – SEA

Period: January 2011 - abril 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia

Objective: To promote economic and social development in border and rural areas of the countries involved based on local resources through Europeanization of business in rural areas, traditional manufacturing and promotion of SMEs and entrepreneurs to access new trade relations and markets

6. OLKAS. From Aegean to the Black Sea. Medieval Ports in the Maritime Routes of the East

Period: January 2012 - January 2014

Participants: Bulgária, Grécia, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To contribute to filling an important void in the development of cultural tourism in the space covering the Aegean, Black and Caspian Seas by illustrating the economic/touristic/cultural links in the entire area through monuments constituting a wide network of cultural links and interactions

7. Excellence in public sector (Excellence)

Period: June 2013 -dezembro 2014

Participants: Armenia, Bulgária, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru , Ukraine

Objective: To increase the administrative capacity of the public sector in the area by promoting the concept of quality systems and the implementation of modern common quality management tools.

8. Danube – Black Sea connection of European and Asian economy, a step for substantial growth of the Black Sea areas (DABS)

Period: May 2013 - June 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To contribute to the economic development of the area by supporting better access and economic connections among ports within the Danube-Black Sea area

9. E-Fairs and Trade Networking (e-F+TN)

Period: May 2013 - May 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova, Peru

Objective: To enhance intra-regional and European trade and business links of local enterprises of the Black Sea basin and, therefore, to support local development.

10. Preparing the condition for penetration of the Black Sea wines in the international market (Black Sea WinExports)

Period: May 2013 - May 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia, Ukraine

Objective: To broaden the cooperation among the targeted regions and facilitate the know-how transfer, with a view to the establishment of a common brand name for the Black Sea wines and a common marketing strategy for significant increase of market shares in wine consumer markets

11. Quality Certification System in Agro-tourism (CerTour)

Period: May 2013 - May 2015

Participants: Armenia, Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova, Ukraine

Objective: To promote the agro-tourism in the partners’ regions and to improve the quality of the services provided by introducing a common specific quality standard and a certification process.

12. Cultural Ports from Aegean to the Black Sea (LIMEN)

Period: julho 2013 - June 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To help address a significant gap in the development of cultural tourism in the Black Sea Region by establishing an institution promoting the Black Sea ports and enhancing cultural resources

13. Local/Regional Economic Development Network as decisive advantage point for enhanced competitiveness in the Black Sea Basin regions (LRED Net)

Period: julho 2013 - June 2015

Participants: Armenia, Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova

Objective: To build the local entrepreneurial and administrative capacities to enhance social, informational and other links, thus encouraging national governments to scale-up cooperation opportunities and synergize efforts towards better life in the Black Sea Basin

14. Securing Transit Containers (SETRACOM)

Period: julho 2013 - julho 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Grécia, Ukraine

Objective: To improve the containers’ tracking through systematic approach and standardized security procedures enabling the immediate automatic identification and tracking of a sealed container during its transportation between different container terminals.

15. Promoting Innovative Rural Tourism in the Black Sea Basin Region (PIRT)

Period: novembro 2013 - May 2015

Participants: Armenia, Bulgária, Georgia, Peru

Objective: To strengthen regional cooperation through promoting economic and social development in the BSB (especially, vulnerable or rural areas) by improved utilization of material and human resources and by exchange of best practices to enhance product standards and service delivery.

16. Black Sea Network for Sustainable Tourism – Strategies for joint tourism marketing and development in the Black Sea region (BS NTS)

Period: January 2014 - June 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Moldova, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To achieve a stronger regional partnership and cooperation among regions in Black Sea Basin for sustainable tourism management and joint marketing strategy.

17. Tourism Paths of the Black Sea Region (BSB – TOUR)

Period: January 2014 - dezembro 2015

Participants: Armenia, Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To establish stronger cooperation among partners’ organizations from social, economic and regional perspectives, thus achieving common economic, social and tourism development.

18. Collaborative Networks of Multilevel Actors to advance quality standards for heritage tourism at Cross Border Level (ALECTOR)

Period: January 2014 - dezembro 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To invest in human capital and innovation in an effort to achieve stronger regional partnerships and cooperation in the Black Sea Region, fully realize the socioeconomic potential of heritage resources in the Black Sea Basin and establish a unified quality system for the development of cross- border tourism products and common service standards with acknowledged market value.

19. Development of Outdoor Adventure Tourism network in Black Sea Region (DOOA)

Period: Março 2014 - Março 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru

Objective: To contribute to sustainable economic and social development in the Black Sea Region by valuating its natural, historical and cultural richness and strengthening management capacity

Priority 2: Pooling resources and competencies for environmental protection and conservation

  1. Development of a common intraregional monitoring system for the environmental protection and preservation of the Black Sea – ECO-SATELLITE

Period: outubro 2011 - outubro 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Grécia, Romênia, Ukraine

Objective: To create a common intraregional environmental monitoring system elaborating on the technological assets provided by satellite data and geo-informatics facilities and the transfer of knowledge to the Black Sea stakeholders.

2. Interpretative Trails on the Ground – Support to the Management of Natural Protected Areas in the Black Sea Region (Inter Trails)

Period: outubro 2011 - outubro 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Moldova, Romênia, Ukraine

Objective: To widen the framework of trans-border cooperation in the management of nature protected areas (NPAs) and help improve the regional awareness on the significance of nature assets and sustainable development.

3. Strengthening the regional capacity to support the sustainable management of the Black Sea Fisheries (SRCSSMBSF)

Period: novembro 2011 - novembro 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To help standardize, at regional level and in conformity with the international practice, the methods and tools of sampling, processing, analyzing and interpreting information, and the fish stock assessment, in order to obtain competitive and comparable data, and provide scientific support for more efficient, socially responsible & environment friendly marine fishery management

4. Raising Public Awareness on Solid Municipal Waste Management in the North- West of the Black Sea Region (Less Waste in the North West)

Period: fevereiro 2012 - agosto 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Romênia, Moldova

Objective: To achieve stronger regional partnerships and cooperation by contributing to “a stronger and more sustainable economic and social development of the regions of the Black Sea Basin”.

5. Black Sea Earthquake Safety Net (work) – ESNET

Period: Março 2012 -Março 2014

Participants: Bulgária, Moldova, Romênia, Peru

Objective: To contribute to the prevention of natural disasters generated by earthquakes in Black Sea Basin by developing a joint monitoring and intervention concept.

6. Black Sea Joint Regional Research Centre for Mitigation and Adaptation to the Global Changes Impact (MAREAS)

Period: abril 2012 - abril 2014

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To provide a tool for interaction between the scientific community and the policy makers, thus setting up a framework for initiatives to mitigate global change impact on the Black Sea Region

7. Research and Restoration of the Essential Filters of the Sea – REEFS

Period: June 2012 -June 2014

Participants: Bulgária, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To strengthen joint knowledge and database needed to address the organic pollution in the maritime ecosystem of the Black Sea Basin, to support policy makers in defining strategies, action plans and internal measures to recover marine resources for sustainable fishery in Black Sea Basin

8. Improvement of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Black Sea Region (ICZM)

Period: January 2013 - dezembro 2014

Participants: Bulgária, Moldova, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To improve the quality of maritime environment using common innovative methodologies for Integrated Coastal Zone Management plans within the Black Sea region, in order to ensure the economical use of the common natural resources in a sustainable manner.

9. Clean Rivers – Clean Sea! NGOs actions for environmental protection within Black Sea area (CRCS)

Period: fevereiro 2013 - January 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru

Objective: To contribute to the effectiveness of measures taken by different stakeholders to address the issue of water pollution as a common challenge in the Black Sea environmental protection

10. Integrated hotspots management and saving the living Black Sea ecosystem (HOT BLACK SEA)

Period: Março 2013 - fevereiro 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To foster cross-border partnership for the development of a harmonised policy and utilization of scientific studies relevant to monitoring and addressing environmental threats in the Black Sea Basin in the field of land-based sources of pollution.

11. A Scientific Network for Earthquake, Landslide and Flood Hazard Prevention (SciNetNatHazPrev)

Period: abril 2013 - abril 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To achieve a strong regional partnership and cooperation by developing a scientific network for reaching scientific consensus to setup strategies and hazard prevention methods

12. Integrated Land-use Management Modeling of Black Sea Estuaries (ILMMBSE)

Period: May 2013 -May 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Ukraine, Peru

Objective: To develop, enhance and evaluate impact assessment and management tools for the sustainable land use of the watershed areas of coastal deltas.

13. Innovations in sustainable management and protection of natural areas (4GreenInn)

Period: julho 2013 - julho 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Romênia, Ukraine

Objective: To achieve a sustainable management of protected natural areas in the Black Sea basin and to generate innovative methods for integrating protected natural areas in the overall strategies for urban and socio-economic development in partnering regions.

14. Regional Cooperation for Black Sea River Basins Environment Protection from Agricultural Polluters (REPAIR)

Period: agosto 2013 - May 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru

Objective: To strengthen the partnership and the cooperation in the region and to work together towards promoting solutions for solving environmental common problems.

15. Creation of Interuniversity centre for risk management and assessment for prevent of ecological and technological risk in the Black Sea (IUCRISKMAN)

Period: setembro 2013 - setembro 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Romênia, Ukraine

Objective: To achieve a better cooperation for stronger and more sustainable economic and social development of the regions of the Black Sea Basin.

16. Continuous improvement strategy for increasing the efficiency of wastewaters treatment facilities in the Black Sea coastal states (CISWastewater)

Period: January 2014 - dezembro 2015

Participants: Armenia, Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia

Objective: To achieve a stronger regional partnership and cooperation to realize significant improvements of the wastewater treatment facilities management in the Black Sea coastal states.

Priority 3: Supporting cultural and educational initiatives to establish a common cultural environment in the Black Sea Basin

  1. BSUN Joint Master Degree Study Program on the Management of Renewable Energy Sources – ARGOS

Period: June 2011 - June 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Moldova, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To address problems related to the adjustment of study programmes to the needs of the sector, to contribute to the exchange of best practices through mobility of students and teachers, to improve cross-cultural skills and attitudes of students for addressing projects with regional relevance, and to generate awareness on regional issues.

  1. Black Sea Cultural Animation Programme: Pilot model for mobilizing the common cultural characteristics for creative destination management in the Black Sea Basin

Period: agosto 2011 - fevereiro 2013

Participants: Bulgária, Romênia, Armenia, Georgia, Peru

Objective: To promote community partnership for the establishment of a common cultural environment in the Black Sea Basin via mobilizing the local cultural resources and education.

  1. Youth Action for Regional Coherence and Cooperation (YARCC)

Period: May 2014 -May 2015

Participants: Armenia, Bulgária, Georgia, Peru

Objective: To contribute to regional partnerships and cooperation towards a common cultural environment, where common values and richness of Europe’s cultural diversity are shared and valued.

  1. Black Sea – Unity and Diversity in the Roman Antiquity (BSUDRA)

Period: June 2013 - June 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Georgia, Grécia, Moldova, Romênia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: To create a network of research, cultural and administrative institutions for a long-term promotion of the scientific and cultural values exchange within the Black Sea Basin, so that the entire cultural heritage from the Roman epoch to be integrated, preserved and joint promoted.

  1. Culture Exchange Platform

Period: julho 2013 - June 2015

Participants: Armenia, Bulgária, Georgia, Moldova

Objective: To enable cross-border exchange of culture by providing an innovative, multilingual IT platform, based on available open source social platform solutions and adapted for culture producers (artists, etc.), culture operators, (museus, festivals, etc.) and other actors of the cultural market.

  1. Black Sea areal for culture and art (BASACA)

Period: julho 2013 - January 2015

Participants: Bulgária, Grécia, Peru, Ukraine

Objective: The project is aiming to mobilize local resources for creation of a common cultural environment for the Black Sea Basin communities

B. Horizon 2020


  1. Cloud Based Vessel Allocation Decision Support System for Vessel Chartering - CLOUD-VAS

C. Interreg[1] V-A Turkey ‑ Bulgaria Programme Projects



"Innovatrans – innovation transfer between people and enterprises for economic prosperity of the region Yambol – Babaeski"

Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry



The Cross-Border Women World

Euroclub Women



Euro Farmer - Prosperity trough contemporary and modern European agriculture in cross-border region

Babaeski Trade Exchange



“Gate 2 Tour: Integral development of cultural-historical tourism in Yambol – Strandja – Edirne regions”

Regional Administration – Yambol



Two differing practices - One joint purpose

Municipal School and Kindergarten Trustees in Bolyarovo municipality



Friendship across borders for a common European future

Municipality of Stambolovo



Stimulation of entrepreneurship in the Food and Drink sector of the BG-TR cross border area

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Burgas



We are living our common culture

Atakoy Primary Educational School



Strandja Mountain - To Learn and Protect It Together

Yenice Primary School



Encouraging the eco-friendly business in the cross-border region Topolograd - Buyukkaristiran)

Topolovgrad Non‑Government Organization (СНЦ Тополовград)



2010 - New start for cross-border heritages' promotion

Union for providing of services to the villages, Kirklareli



“Regional Bulgarian – Turkish Business Council “Trakiya”” – measure for increasing the economic competitiveness of the cross-border region Haskovo - Edirne

Haskovo Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Cross-Border Tourism Integration

Edirne Chamber of Commerce and Industry



"Journey through the rich cultural diversity of the border region Yambol-Edirne"

Municipality of Yambol



Capacity-Building for Border Municipalities about Strategic Planning

Union of Meric Municipalities



Cover History Without Boundary

Uzunkopru Municipality



South-Eastern European Network on Balkans-Cross-Border Region Bulgaria-Turkey

National Association of Small and Medium Business (NASMB) - branch Yambol



"Green Corridors" - promotion of cultural, natural and historical heritage in the border region of Burgas and Kirklareli

Municipality of Burgas



“Mobile cross border agri-center for innovative practices, sustainable development and risks prevention”

Burgas Chamber of Commerce and Industry



Common Culture Beyond Boundaries

Vize Municipality



Straldzha and Suloglu - Cross-Border Traveling

Straldzha Municipality



Creating of Conditions of Relaxation, Sports and Tourism in Edirne and Elhovo

The Union of Edirne Province Centre and Villages Administration



Equal employment opportunities

Alliance for regional and civil initiatives



Cross-Border Euro Market – Chance for Businessmen and Traders

Liad Lüleburgaz

Business Company



Turkey-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation to Improve the Infrastructure of Vocational& Technical Education

Lüleburgaz Technical High School and Industrial Vocational High School



Strong, Knowing, Intelligent, Labouring and Leading Schoolfellows

Civic Association "Together for Svilengrad"



Improved Agriculture Improved Social Links

Municipality of Kircasalih



Improving Trade Capacity of Uzunköprü and Haskovo Project

Uzunköprü Chamber of Commerce, Edirne



Teenager Bridges

Uzunköprü Muzaffer Atasay Anatolian High School



Investments in the promotion of the cultural, historical and natural heritage in the cross-border region

Tundzha Municipality



Improving Skills Towards Stronger Links

Uzunköprü Union of Milk Producers



"Turning the cross-border region Bulgaria - Turkey into an attractive tourist destination"

NGO "High tech business incubator" СНЦ "Високо-технологичен бизнес инкубатор"



Mutual Aid Keeps Energy

Neofit Rilski High-school (Гимназия "Неофит Рилски")



" Mathematics - Key of Good Neighbourhood "

"Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov" High School



Improvement of quality of life in the cross-border region through promotion of environmental friendly agriculture

"Europe and We" Association



Efficient, Sustainable and Ecological Practices in the Cross-Border Region

Institute for Regional Strategies



Sustainable agriculture development through capacity building and business promotion tools

Business Centre - Elhovo



Raising the quality of life in the Municipalities of Bolyarovo and Alpullu and provision of possibilities for recreation and sports”

"Ravnovesie" Association



Consultancy Network for Business Support and Investment Promotion

Municipality of Mineralni Bani



“Raising the capacity of border municipalities for provision of social services and application EU policy in the social sphere”

"Demetra" Association



Cross-Border Youth Culture Programme







  1. "Green Corridors" - promotion of cultural, natural and historical heritage in the border region of Burgas and Kirklareli

Product: A virtual guide through the green corridors network in Burgas and Kirklareli

Duration: julho 2011- julho 2012

Objective: To promote the natural, historical and cultural heritage in the target regions. The concept of “green corridors” for developing sustainable mobility and safe access to natural sites, and for connecting the urbanized parts of cities with naturally significant territories, presents an innovative method for sustainable transport to preserve air quality, public health, and the protected areas.

2. Tell US about Thracians

Product: a. Research of monuments and database on the Thracian sites in Turkish territory. (8,6 MB); b. Research of monuments and database on the Thracian sites in Bulgarian territory (5,74 MB)

Objective: To achieve sustainable development build upon the key strengths of the Bulgaria-Turkey cross-border co-operation area in order to contribute to European co-operation and integrity for improving life quality by building capacity for sustainable use of cultural resources and historical values

A research study on Thracian culture and sights in the cross border region under the priority axis 2.2: Capacity building for sustainable use of natural resources, cultural and historical values will be done.

3. Capacity building for biodegradable waste management in the cross-border region of Burgas and Kirklareli. (Brochure in Bulgarian ; Brochure in Turkish)

Product: Household Composting Guide (Turkish, 10,5 MB)& (Bulgarian, 14 MB)

4. Initiation of Partnerships for Valorization of Local Natural Assets and Cultural Heritage

Product: a. Study of key natural resources and cultural heritage in the municipalities of Bolyarovo and Kofçaz (Bulgarian, 15 MB); b. Marketing survey and analysis of tourist attractions in Bolyarovo (Bulgarian, 5,7 MB); e c. Study of the Turkish monuments in the Municipality Bolyarovo.

5. Transboundary Cooperation for Agro-Chemistry and Pest Control Education

Product: Manual & study on sustainable impact of pest (Turkish, 1 MB) & (Bulgarian, 25 MB)

6. Project: Joint Eco Forces of Small and Medium Enterprises of Cross-Border Region

Product: An on-line tool for environmental self-assessment of SMEs

7. Stimulation of entrepreneurship in the Food and Drink sector of the BG-TR cross border area

Product: a. Socio-economic analysis and analysis of Food and Drink sector of Bulgaria and Turkey at national and regional level in both countries; e b. Study on market opportunities for business cooperation development in Food and Drink sector in the BG-TR cross-border region and opportunities for SMEs for funding under EU Structural Funds.

8. Enhancing the Respect for Gender Equality in the Bulgarian ‑ Turkish Cross‑Border Area

Product: Analysis on the role of women in business life, entrepreneurship and instruments to start up a small business in Bulgaria and Burgas Region (6.7 MB). Research on the EU policy on matters of gender equality and fight against discrimination. Good practices (3.2 MB); Role of women in economic life in Turkey and Kırklareli (3,1 MB)

9. Cross-border Learning and Education Strategies with Focus on the Use of ICT

Product: a. Research and analysis on the human resources characteristics and the needs of the economic and social sector; b. Strategy for Integrated Regional Human Resources Development (SIRHRD) (Products are accessible under “Resources” Menu

10. Joint Promotion of Agriculture Waste Composting

Product: Joint action plan for agriculture waste management (AWM) (Bulgarian)

11. Equal Employment Opportunities

Product: Sociological Survey (3 MB)

12. Cultural heritage - asset for cross-border cohesion and prosperities

Product: Multiple products on project website (Browse “products” section); Catalogue „Cultural heritage of Haskovo and Kirklareli" (2,5 MB)

13. Strong, Knowing, Intelligent, Labouring and Leading Schoolfellows

Product: Strategy for youth development &calendar for youth activities in cross-border region

14. Advanced Quality of life Through Investment activities for improvement of the Cross-border management of floods

Product: Study and evaluation of the risk factors for the environment in the cross-border eco-systems. ; Study Uzunköprü

15. Traditional Craft Professions and their Adaptation to the Economy in the Cross-Border Area

Product: a. Origin, regulation and development of artisanship in cross-border communities of Burgas region; b. Present condition and possibilities for adaptation of regulated and non-regulated crafts in cross-border Strandzha and some multi-ethnic areas of Burgas region; c. Development process of tradesman and artisan professions in turkey and Kırklareli example European integration & regional competitiveness foundation; d. Development process of tradesman and artisan professions in turkey and Kirklareli example; e. Development and opportunities of the crafts (a, b, c, d, e: 11,3 MB); e f. Handbook about the exchanging of best practices (23 MB)

16. Preservation of Cultural and Historical Heritage

Product: Movie with natural beauties of the area - Lubimec - Lüleburgaz

II. Ongoing & New Projects

A. Horizon 2020 (Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EASME))

  1. Cross-Border Maritime Spatial Plan for the Black Sea - Romênia, Bulgária\

Project abstract: Supporting the implementation of the EU Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP); Creating an institutional framework for cross-border maritime spatial planning between Romania and Bulgaria; Developing the cooperation with all states in the Black Sea basin for maritime spatial planning in the Black Sea area; Consolidating the cross-border cooperation and exchange of information between Romania and Bulgaria on issues related to maritime area; Setting out the vision and strategic goals for Black Sea area relevant for maritime spatial planning, while also taking into consideration the land-sea interface; Elaborating the maritime spatial plan for the cross-border area; Contributing to a wider dissemination of all the information gathered on MSP, Black Sea area and best practices to all stakeholders in the Black Sea basin.

Project duration: 14/08/2015 -13/08/2017; Project acronym: MARSPLAN BS

Call ID: EASME/EMFF/2014/ - MSP projects Baltic, Black and North Seas

Beneficiaries: various ministries, governmental department, national institutes, universities, companies working in the maritime and fishery areas

EU contribution: 1.639.212,59 EUR

2. Blue Career Centre of Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea


Project abstract/objectives: To attract young people and experienced workers and to fill existing skills' gaps by supporting activities that will increase employability in key Blue sectors of the region, por exemplo. maritime transportation (shipping, ports, ship-repairs and shipbuilding), cruise and nautical tourism, aquaculture and offshore oil and gas.

Beneficiaries: Cyprus, Grécia, Bulgaria and Romania (Observers: Egito, Jordânia, Lebanon, and Turkey)

Expected results: Establish a Blue Career Centre Secretariat in Cyprus with representations in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania; Catalogue the offer of maritime education and training in the East Med (Greece and Cyprus) and Black Sea region (Bulgaria and Romania);Develop re-training schemes for blue professionals to experienced workers in maritime sector, cruise tourism, fishermen and offshore oil, and gas; Mentor & career guide students for Blue sectors in Cyprus, Grécia, Bulgária, Romênia; Re-train blue professionals in the maritime sector (cruise tourism, fish tourism and ichthyotourism and offshore oil and gas sectors); Establish e-learning courses for maritime sector (cruise tourism, for offshore oil and gas sector, for marine aquaculture sector and for fish tourism and ichthyotourism); Ação& pool resources, por exemplo. maritime simulators and a training vessel from the East Med. Area; Organise eight Blue Career Fairs (Days) in the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea; Promote the mobility of 30 students and 6 staff within the region; Set up a matching database for maritime professionals in the region to balance the demand and supply of maritime, aquaculture and offshore oil and gas professionals in the region; Establish a Quality Assurance Agency in Cyprus and assist in working towards harmonisation of requirements for maritime professional training, focusing on practice (mostly sea faring).

Project duration: 01/03/2017-29/02/2019; Project acronym: MENTOR

Call ID: EASME/EMFF/2016/ - Blue Careers in Europe

Beneficiaries: Bulgária, Grécia, Cyprus, Romênia (universities, institutes, chambers of commerce)

EU contribution: 551.810, 00

3. Innovative, competitive and integrated tools for sustainable coastal tourism and inclusive Blue Growth in the Mediterranean and Black seas

Project abstract/objectives: To pilot a public-private partnership by inviting cross-sectoral stakeholders across the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins; to promote and facilitate use of artificial reefs as effective and affordable tools to boost innovative and sustainable coastal and maritime tourism, while offering inclusive opportunities for transversal Blue Growth compatible activities.

Project duration: 01/08/2016 - 31/07/2018; Project acronym: Art Reefs

Call ID: EASME/EMFF/2015/ - Projects in the context of the Integrated Maritime Policy in the Black Sea and/or Mediterranean Sea regions

Beneficiaries: Bulgaria France, Itália, Spain

EU contribution: 167.520,00 EUR

4. Integrated Bulgarian Maritime Surveillance

Project abstract: The current information exchange between maritime surveillance authorities in Bulgaria is sub-optimal and leads to efficiency losses, duplication of data collection efforts and unnecessary operational costs. The main reasons are (real or perceived) legal limitations, as well as technical and cultural barriers, which are preventing the desired information exchange.

Objectives: To identify needs in operational centers and in surveillance assets for further cross-sectoral information exchange at national level; To define new information services, based on the CISE Data and Service model, which would be set up and provided to other sectors at national level and possibly exchanged with other states; To identify requirements and obstacles of CISE integration and to facilitate the integration of data available in different ICT systems in a single user interface.

Project duration: 01/01/2017 31/12/2018; Project acronym: InBulMarS;

Call ID: EASME/EMFF/2015/

Beneficiaries: Bulgária (administrations, police, customs, navy, ports, national agencies)

EU contribution: 191.056,00 EUR

5. Maritime Clusters Network for Blue Growth

Project abstract/objectives: To facilitate, enhance and develop SMEs collaboration and networking among maritime clusters in the Adriatic, Ionian and Black Seas in the following areas: a. Exchange of good practices of cluster management and development of business sectors; b. Empowering maritime clusters and/or regional centers of competence to become 'blue-innovative'; and c. Enhanced networking among relevant cluster stakeholders.

Expected results: Common methodology to identify technology features and innovation needs in each maritime cluster, and enhanced& structured cooperation in transnational cluster development

Project duration: 01/09/2016 - 31/08/2018; Project acronym: Blue NET

Call ID: EASME/EMFF/2015/

Beneficiaries: Albânia, Bulgária, Croácia, Cyprus, Itália, Romênia

EU contribution: 223.237,00 EUR

6. Western Black Sea Underwater cultural tourist routes

Project abstract: Scientific underwater research in the Western Black Sea area has until now been performed only occasionally. A consortium of two Research Institutes, one National History and Archaeology Museum and two SME joined efforts for bringing the common values shared within the Western Black Sea underwater heritage into the public awareness. The aim is to redress the lack of coherent transnational tourist package regarding the Western Black Sea Underwater heritage and the lack of knowledge about the Common Underwater Cultural Touristic heritage. The expected new tourist package proposes four transnational tourist routes: three Western Black Sea underwater destinations and one on the shore destination, as follows: Wrecks and Artificial Reefs; Ancient Underwater Trade Route; Natural Heritage Route; Underwater Archaeological Artefacts Inland Route.

Project duration: 01/01/2017 - 31/05/2018; Project acronym: NIRD

Call ID: EASME/EMFF/2015/ - Thematic Routes on Underwater Cultural Heritage

Beneficiaries: Bulgária, Romênia; EU contribution: 120,615.00 EUR

7. Black Sea Horizon;

Project ID: 645785

Funds: H2020-EU.3.6. - SOCIETAL CHALLENGES - Europe In A Changing World - Inclusive, Innovative And Reflective Societies; Enhanced bi-regional STI cooperation between the EU and the Black Sea Region

Project duration: 01/02/2015 –31/01/2018

8. Knowledge Exchange and Academic Cultures in the Humanities: Europe and the Black Sea Region, late 18th – 21st Centuries

Project duration: 01/012017 –31/12/2020

B. Regional Cooperation Funded by ENI

  1. Maritime safety, security and marine environmental protection in the Black and Caspian Sea Regions

Beneficiaries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Irã, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Peru, Turkmenistan

ENI 2016/039351/Maritime Safety.

2. Action Document for Eastern Partnership Integrated Border Management Flagship Initiative: introduction of an automated intelligent video-control system at road border crossing point Novaya Huta – Novi Yarylovychi at the Belarus-Ukraine frontier

ENI 2016/038708/IBM/Belarus Ukraine

3. Action Document for ENI East Global Allocation 2016

ENI 2016/038775/Global Allocation

4. Action Document for Integrating SMEs from the EaP countries into domestic and global value chains

ENI 2016/039369/Integrating SMEs

5. Action Document for EU4Youth programme

ENI 2016/038772 03879 5/EU4Youth

6. Action Document for Eastern Partnership Integrated Border Management Flagship Initiative: enhanced integrated border management through joint border control and exchange of information along the Moldovan-Ukraine border

ENI 2016/039484/IBM/Moldova Ukraine

C. Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria Programme[2]

III. INTERACT Progress Review of Existing MR Strategies

Em 2 novembro 2016, INTERACT [3]issued its publication bringing together, for the first time, expert reviews of the four existing EU macro-regional strategies. These reviews attempt to present the potential of these strategies for the future. The publication entitled “Macro‑Regional Strategies in Changing Times: EUSBSR, EUSDR, EUSALP and EUSAIR Headed towards the Future” offers information and analyses of the rational of the EU macro-regional strategies, the current stage of their implementation, and some of the lessons learnt from this experience. The intended purpose of the publication is to: (a) present a selection of the most relevant facts concerning these macro‑regional strategies; (b) help stakeholders in one such macro-region familiarize themselves with the strategies of other macro-regions; e (c) assist in facilitating cooperation and peer-to-peer activities between the four EU strategies in the future.

The above INTERACT publication was issued on the occasion of the “Seventh Strategy Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region” held on 8 - 9 novembro 2016 in Stockholm. Sweden and the Nordic Council of Ministers, in cooperation with the Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission, hosted the event entitled “One Region, One Future - Vision 2030 for the Baltic Sea Region”. EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Creţu, Prime-Minister Stefan Löfven of Sweden, and Prime-Minister Juha Sipilä of Finland (President of the Nordic Council of Ministers at that time) attended the regional conference. Nearly 1000 stakeholders from the eight countries participating in the EUSBSR and representatives from all around the wider Baltic Sea region were also present at the discussions on the future of the EUSBSR macro-region within a 2030 perspective.


[2] The project acronyms in the table are hyperlinked with web-placed description of the specific “Interreg V-A Romania-Bulgaria” activities under each of these projects.

[3]INTERACT is one of the Interreg programmes financed under the European Territorial Cooperation goal of the European Structural and Investment Funds.

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